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Bad Influence - DVD - Treasure Island Media
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Bad Influence - DVD - Treasure Island Media

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Director: Liam Cole

Producer: Paul Morris

Starring: Carl Jacobs, Tommy Haine, Eddie Black

Runtime: 151 mins

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Scene 1
I like to keep the cum in me for as long as possible

Handsome clean-cut actor CARL JACOBS was unsure about doing porn ... he's an all-out cock-hungry exhibitionist deep down, but was worried about ruining his future career.


Too late now, because no audience will look at him the same way after seeing CARL'S perfect pink asshole stretched around EDDIE BLACK's uncut cock.


There's no acting involved in the soul-pleasure this cum-addict takes in having a butt full of dick-juice, scooping some out to taste it fresh from the fuck, and opening up to let EDDIE suck out and swallow down his own warm fresh seed.


Scene 2
Hypnosis: CRISTIAN and FELIX fuck TOMMY

18-year old submissive TOMMY HAINE came to LIAM wanting to be used on camera. He was spectacular to look at and longed to get rawfucked and seeded. The only trouble was that he's incredibly camera shy.


So LIAM decided to take the boy to a serious hypnotherapist. He instructed the hypnotist to plant slutty ideas in TOMMY's suggestible young mind: namely to give him an uncontrollable compulsion to take loads on camera from any cock anytime.

The result? Little TOMMY submits totally to hairy muscle man CRISTIAN TORRENT and German pornstar FELIX. Both tops are twice the size of little TOMMY. The bottom is truly lost in a fuck-focussed trance while his tight hole and mindless mouth are relentlessly pounded. CRISTIAN and FELIX feed both ends of TOMMY with their throbbing cocks, finishing by squirting into his fucked-out teen ass a double-helping of daddy dick-juice (FELIX plunges into TOMMY's hole while it's still oozingCRISTIAN's load).


Scene 3

Boy-bottom ADAM KING was nervous about his first porn-shoot, but he got into it when EDDIE BLACK shoved his schlong into the young Hungarian's hungry hole.


The fucking is a down-home style ram-session, and when ADAM feels the hot, deep squirts of EDDIE's spooge inside him, he loses all control and shoots his own wad everywhere.


Scene 4
Pretty-boy RALPH sucks off PETER

Sweet innocent RALPH is 21, has a nice girlfriend and a loyal circle of buddies. None of them know that RALPH also has a life-long hunger for cock and cum, a compulsion that he has only given into twice his entire life. No kidding, just two times. Until he met LIAM.


LIAM invited RALPH to his apartment under the pretense of shooting a solo jerk-off. But LIAM also invited heavy-hung horndog PETER to "help out" with the shoot. Sure enough RALPH gave in to temptation, sucking his first dick in 8 years.


RALPH greedily slurps two thick hot loads out of PETER (the kid is funckin' starving for the juice!). In return, PETER jerks off RALPH and feeds every drop of it back to him.

Scene 5

Ruffian MARK O'NEAL talks filth as he drives his awesome 9" cock into CARL JACOBS' rosy ass. And I have to talk sounds better with an Irish rogue.


CARL is brutally deep-fucked and left with a jizz-oozing pucker that's stretched out and sated---for now.


Scene 6
FREDDY fucks around

This scene is something of an experiment, pieced together from fragments of a hazy night spent fucking, sucking and goofing off.

FREDDY's so fucked up and wiped out that he doesn't know what day it is by the time he's in CLINT's shower, on his knees with his mouth lolling open, getting drenched in a hot stream of CLINT's beer-piss.


Handsome Swedish blond FREDDY kicks back, wasted in front of the TV, between bouts of cocksucking, ass-eating and raw-fuck-riding on his buddy CLINT's fat woody.


Scene 7
London Bareback Sex Party

Insatiable bottoms ADAM KING and TOMMY HAINE are back for more (TOMMY's hypno-indoctrination truly worked). Here are highlights from a London bareback sex party where both guys' asses were up for grabs.


The two lads take multiple loads in their mouths and asses from a horny gang of top-men including BRENT SOUTH, who gets first turn seeding TOMMY's hole, and lean skinhead JASON STORMME, who finishes the scene felching a cocktail of Brit-spunk (including his own) out of ADAM's used hole, then feeding it back to him in a sloppy jizz-soaked kiss.


Scene 8
BRENT and EDDIE Flip Flop

EDDIE BLACK proved himself a true top in his sessions with CARL JACOBS and ADAM KING (above), so to keep things interesting, the ever-persuasive LIAM talked him into surrendering his fuckhole to be used and bred for the camera.


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