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Mexican Buttsluts - DVD - Treasure Island Media
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Mexican Buttsluts - DVD - Treasure Island Media

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December 2016
2 hours 11 minutes
Mecos Films
Paul Morris
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“Porn at its best isn’t porn.” You hear guys say that and you know what they mean. When you’re watching great porn, you’re seeing men doing exactly what they love doing. And they’re doing it the way they love doing it. But when it’s bad porn, you’re watching men pretending.

You won’t see a single moment of pretending in MEXICAN BUTTSLUTS. These guys are possessed by raw untamed sexual energy. They know what it means to be a man sporting a big jizz-oozing throbber: you give it what it wants -- and you do it pronto!

In MEXICAN BUTTSLUTS we have a champion roster of studs and manwhores. If you need something to take your mind off the madness of the world, something that’ll show you what men at their best are all about -- look no further! These amazing men will restore your faith in just about everything.


Paul Morris - Treasure Island Media

Scene 1
Leo-Ing Fucks El Chivo

This first scene is the real deal: a rough, sweaty, heavy-duty fuck delivered by a rabid red-blooded Mexican cocksman to a willing manwhore with a hungry butt.

Saying LEO-ING “fucks” EL CHIVO is like saying the sun “twinkles” in the sky.

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LEO-ING delivers a fuck like a raging force of nature. He’s a virile ball-brained buck who lives purely for the satisfaction of his cock.

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It’s a good thing EL CHIVO is a rough and tough slutbutt with a well-worn hole that loves a radical pounding. A lot of bottoms wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of hard-core man-on-man abuse. “I wanna fuck so far up inside you my dick pokes your heart, man!”

Scene 2
Jasc Fucks Valmot

This scene is a matter of lust and chemistry and both are in high, high overdrive. Yeah, JASC has a fine, thick, throbber-of-a-fucktool. But it’s bottom-boy VALMOT who is the thrill-ride here. His body, his character, his handsome mug and, above all, his small but fat rump -- all make any top within a square mile of him want to slide in and pump hard.

VALMOT would be a victim of his ass’s allure if the damn thing weren’t so hungry. If you watch close, you’ll see his face stays calm and relaxed while his ass-magnetism pulls him down into a hot-blooded Latin lust-abyss.

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Like I said: there’s some serious chemistry between JASC and VALMOT. The two connect deep, and you can tell this could be the start of a relationship. JASC plows him good and hard, and with affection. In a few shots you can almost see little cartoon hearts circling around their heads.

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But a hole like VALMOT’s has a fucking mind of its own and it could never -- but never -- settle for a single dick. At one point our helpless innocent cameraman gets a gander of that pouting Mexicano hole, whips out his dick and -- pronto! -- plugs and squirts inside VALMOT. Big-hearted whore that he is, JASC then gives VALMOT more of everything he's got, including a steaming hole full of cameraman spunk.

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Scene 3
Seeding Valmot's Hole

We never know when SEWER BOY is going to show up. He’s a guy who scrapes sewers and gutters for handouts of food and spare change. When he’s broke (like today), he shows up at our casa.

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We’d planned on just having RAYMER fuck VALMOT, but SEWER BOY happened to show up.

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Today SEWER BOY is dirty and slimy from his filthy work, and says, “Give me a hundred pesos and I’ll fuck the puto’s ass.” That’s like $5 U.S. -- so we tell him we’ll give him a hundred and fifty pesos if he fucks VALMOT real good. JASC insists on staying for the action -- he's starting to get feelings for the whore VALMOT.

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Big-dicked RAYMER and filthy SEWER BOY take turns grinding deep into VALMOT’s perfect slutty bunghole. SEWER BOY squirts first and leaves with a fist full of pesos. VALMOT whines and whimpers until the RAYMER's and JASC's dicks spit their dick-spittle deep in VALMOT’s butt. Afterward, RAYMER and JASC leave to go get drunk and poor VALMOT is abandoned, his whore’s ass dripping lonely Mexican babies for the rest of the day.

Scene 4
Christiano Fucks Alexis

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CHRISTIANO is one of those perfect, arrogant big-dicked Mexican studs. He makes his money servicing tourist men and he loves his own uncut dick more than anything or anyone. ALEXIS is a young ass-whore-in-training. We knew that once he got a taste of CHRISTIANO’s pounder he’d be a dick-slave for life.

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CHRISTIANO swings ALEXIS on the end of his dick like a pinata. He fucks that willing hole on the balcony, on the bed, on all fours, spread-eagled -- every conceivable position. When the studly CHRISTIANO left, ALEXIS was completely happy and satisfied -- and whimpering for more cock.

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Scene 5
El Lobo Fucks Jacob

You have to respect an eager hung top who calls himself EL LOBO -- The Wolf. We put him together with JACOB, a hungry whore bottom, and let nature take its course.

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EL LOBO's a well-known hombre from Guadalajara. He claims to have shot his seed into more than a thousand men and women. Before the shoot, he told us he’s lost count of the illegitimate babies he’s made. He’s cocky, sure, but his love of fucking shines in his ability to connect with a slutty bottom like JACOB.

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There were a few moments when we thought JACOB might call it quits -- El LOBO has a penchant for rough-fucking—but he ended up worshiping EL LOBOs cock almost as much as EL LOBO himself.

Scene 6
Zadec Fucks Thiago

It takes a lot of experience to develop a hole like THIAGO MENDOZA's. When he isn’t getting raw-fucked -- which is almost constant -- he’s giving it a workout with toys, big and little. “My hole is my life,” THIAGO likes to say. Aim high, pardner!

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We weren’t sure ZADEC would be able to satisfy THIAGO’s hole, but the horse-hung handsome top man gave it everything he had. From gentle rimming to rough deep-fucking to soul-kissing THIAGO’s pouty prolapsed rosebud, ZADEC took THIAGO to heaven and back. In gratitude, THIAGO’s man-eating hole sucked and squeezed and massaged two loads of jism out of ZADEC, leaving the handsome stud drained and sated and pale.

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Scene 7
Flip-Flop Rooftop Fuck

This is without doubt one of the hottest connections between two men you’ve ever seen.

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DENYELL RP and ERIC ALONSO start on the rooftop of our building, fucking and sucking in plain sight of anyone in the neighboring buildings. The heat between them led to their being completely uninhibited. This is a rare and extraordinary passion.

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After a sweltering session on the rooftop, the two men adjourn to the apartment and flip-fuck each other. DENYELL RP’s cock jets a scalding jizz-load into ERIC’s ass, and long-haired ERIC returns the favor, creaming DENYELL’s fine brown culo. The men shares their sperm as if they were sharing their souls -- or their bank accounts -- giving everything to a man that you just met but can’t connect with as perfectly as you desperately, hungrily need to.

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If that's not enough, they flip again, boner-goring each other deep until each dude unleashes another load into the other man. Without exaggeration, I can say that this is one of the most intense and perfect sex scenes ever filmed. It’s destined to become legend and I encourage you to watch it immediately. You will thank me for it.


El Chivo
Sewer Boy
El Lobo
Thiago Mendoza
Denyell RP
Eric Alonso

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