Abused - The Damian Arca Incident

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Because some men like this. New to the Treasure Island Media pornstash. ABUSED: The Damian Arca Incident. Hardcore S&M fucking and breeding. Starring DAMIAN ARCA – with top men ANDY ARCADE, JACK DIXON, MAXX STARK, DIEGO TOVAR, COLT WAYWARDBOUND, BUDDY WILD and fellow sub KLEP. Damian Arca is not the first man to show up to meet with us covered in black and blue marks and bruises. HE wanted to show us. Give just a glimpse into the world that gets him hard and gets him off. Some men like this. Cocksucking, rimming, felching, ass-to-mouth, athletic socks, feet licking, armpit sniffing, punching, choking, breath play and of course: breeding.


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