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Meat Rack 4 - DVD - Treasure Island Media

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Max Sohl is back at the Meat Rack with another never-ending New York fuckfest - MEAT RACK 4.  


Starring: Sean Duran, Draven Torres, Hans Berlin, Sam Bridle, Ray Dalton, Ray Diesel, Orin Edwards, Kyle Ferris, Tristan Flip, Randy Harden, Luke Harding, Stephen Harte, Killian James, Seth Knight, Champ Robinson, Rob Yaeger



RUNTIME:  108 minutes


Download The Media Kit Here (stills, trailer, cover, etc)


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The Meat Rack and Fire Island is one of my favorite places on the planet. The never ending 24 hours a day possibility of sexual encounters. This movie wasn’t planned, it sort of just happened. RAY DALTON was visiting, so I grabbed my camera and enlisted RAY DIESEL and jumped on the train to the Pines. One afternoon with Diesel’s massive cock up Dalton’s hole and we just kept going back for more.


SEAN DURAN (freshly out of his short-lived porn retirement) and DRAVEN TORRES were the next two men I enticed to come out (and hard to believe neither of them had ever been to Fire Island before). It was kind of fun to watch these two Meat Rack virgins descend upon the livestock.

Along the way we picked up the best of the best - HANS BERLIN, SAM BRIDLE, ORIN EDWARDS, KYLE FERRIS, TRISTAN FLIP, RANDY HARDEN, LUKE HARDING, STEPHEN HARTE, KILLIAN JAMES, SETH KNIGHT, CHAMP ROBINSON and ROB YAEGER – for days and nights of cruising, fucking, sucking and breeding. There’s a lot to jerk off to in MEAT RACK 4 – but if I do say so myself – it has one of the most extraordinary underwater fuck scenes you will ever see.

MEAT RACK 4 comes with both the full director’s cut and a special “JUST THE FUCKING” remix that skips all the cruising and foreplay and cuts right to rock hard cocks penetrating holes.

-- Max Sohl


Scene 1 - Pool Fuck #1

In the first of a series of “by the pool” bareback fucks, super bottom DRAVEN TORRES is spit-roasted by HANS BERLIN and ROB YAEGER.


The two men take turns fucking DRAVEN's mouth and ass. If you know DRAVEN like we know DRAVEN, he eggs them on demanding more dick, harder fucking and then what he really wants. HANS and ROB are just as eager to put their cum where he wants it. YAEGER once again delivers a great internal cumshot.

Scene 2 - Meat Rack #1

KYLE FERRIS and SEAN DURAN hit the boardwalks up to no good. I mean, if I was out looking for dick and Sean walked up and wanted to use my hole, I would be in cumdump heaven.


DURAN pulls down FERRIS’ pants, bends him over the railing, slides it right in and fucks until he cums.

Scene 3 - Ray Squared

RAY DALTON comes across RAY DIESEL out on his front deck and quickly spots the huge bulge in his shorts. DALTON is quickly down on his knees swallowing all 10 inches.


The two horn dogs go around back where DIESEL slams that monstrous cock deep into DALTON's willing hole. He pounds and rams while RAY DALTON takes every last inch until his hole is gaping from dick and the big load of cum that DIESEL deposits.

Scene 4 - Front of House

Like DAWSON and CHRISTIAN before him, DRAVEN TORRES on Fire Island is like a kid in a candy store. So many dicks, so many loads of cum.


He picks up two fine specimens of big dicked tattooed hipsters in SAM BRIDLE and SETH KNIGHT and gets their cocks ready to breed for his ass.

SAM and SETH take turns fucking in several different positions and then bend him over to load up his hole.

Scene 5 - Meat Rack #2

TRISTAN FLIP is out in the Meat Rack looking for cum. LUKE HARDING and ORIN EDWARDS show up and give him what he wants.


LUKE breeds TRISTAN first – which only seems to get ORIN more excited at the prospect of getting to fuck a used sloppy hole.

Scene 6 - Pissing

DRAVEN TORRES loves piss.


All the guys who were at the house take turns pissing all over him getting him nice and wet.


Scene 7 - Pool Fuck #2

SEAN DURAN and RANDY HARDEN fuck HANS BERLIN by the pool. Hans is an insatiable fuck hole and the two horny tops go back and forth from his mouth to his ass filling the pig up.


In one of the most spectacular moments in the movie, RANDY and HANS actually get IN the pool for an underwater fuck sequence while SEAN sits on the deck stroking his cock watching.

Scene 8 - Blowjob

One of the best things about shooting the MEAT RACK movies is those spontaneous moments when the guys just keep going at it.


Like this impromptu blowjob scene, we were done for the day and just hangin’ by the pool when SAM BRIDLE and LUKE HARDING decided to suck each other off. SAM starts off giving LUKE a blowjob, but ultimately, it’s SAM's cum that ends up down LUKE's throat.

Scene 9 - Pool Fuck #3

KILLIAN JAMES came to fuck. Happy little cumpup STEPHEN HARTE came looking for dick.


KILLIAN is an aggressive and demanding top, tossing STEPHEN around just as he wants him to satisfy his cock. He pounds the guy pretty hard – you can tell he needs to get his rocks off and STEPHEN HARTE is a full service bottom who does what it takes to get his buddy off.


Scene 10 - On the Walk

SEAN DURAN is such a good top, it’s almost sacrilege to see him bottom. But, what is that old saying about the best tops making the best bottoms?


CHAMP ROBINSON is one of the fiercest top men I know. I couldn’t think of anyone better to put SEAN through a good fucking. He knows how to seduce a guy into thinking it was their idea to take that 11 inches of thick ebony man meat up their ass. He gets SEAN bent over a tree and after stretching his hole open, power fucks him until he cums.


Fire Island used to be the singular destination where gay people are free to be who they are with no judgment or retribution. A big part of the allure is the constant sexual tension. Things have changed since we entered the digital age and getting laid is as easy as opening up an app on your phone. But some things never change. This is a place where cruising is an art form. Sucking, fucking, and breeding are as easy as getting off the ferry.


Max Sohl

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