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Boners, Thugs, & Thuggery - Eric Videos/Dark Alley
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Boners, Thugs, & Thuggery - Eric Videos/Dark Alley

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In this second DVD release, Eric takes you on a sexual fantasy adventure where straying into an alley, getting grabbed by a gang of thugs and banged senseless is just the start. Getting subdued by hot studs with huge cocks and plowed with no mercy, par for the course. Head down, ass up... get ready for the plundering! 

SCENE 1: Yo is Followed by Three Thugs.  Yo was on his way home one afternoon when he noticed three thugs acting suspicious and were also following him. As he stepped off the train and left the train station grounds, he started panicing and moving faster towards a safer zone. Yo was eventually found by the gang made him there bitch. All three fucked and gang banged him. They finished this session off making him eat all three cum loads. 

SCENE 2: David Gets Filled by Darko & Pero.  Peto Coast and Darko were hanging out and chatting away on their cell phones when they saw a guy perving at them from his apartment window. It was obvious the guy perving wanted to get pumped so he left his door unlocked knowing the men had started walking towards his apartment. He dropped on all fours and was fucked nice hard and deep by both men. 

SCENE 3: 20 Year Old Greg Gets Grabbed by Three Thugs One afternoon, Greg was walking home and passed by three thugs hanging out in a doorway. The hand- some Greg got his ass and mouth plowed hard and good, then he got filled up with juice from the huge dicks of the horny thugs. 

SCENE 4: Jeremy Gets Seeded by Peto Coast.  Handsome Jeremy asked macho fucker Peto Coast to meet him in the basement of a bar for some one on one action. Jeremy had heard all the rage and talk about when Peto Coast unleashes his beast, Head down, ass up and on all fours, Jeremy was ready , willing and waiting. What came next was the violent attack that left Jeremy walking with a limp for three days.