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Guyspotting - Naked Sword
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Guyspotting - Naked Sword

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“Choose Life. Choose freedom. Choose to live in the now. Choose your gender, clothes, your style and what makeup to wear. Choose to party through the night. Choose video games, drugs, that late night take out after a 12 hour drink session. You’re the driver and you’re at the wheel…”

This is Guyspotting, a glimpse into the sex-crazed, alcohol and drug induced world of Manchester’s gay counter-culture. This cast of uncut, horse-hung Brits give zero fucks, taking their youth, good looks and each other for granted until the phone rings and tragedy strikes. Will this be a wake up call or just another reason to hit Canal Street for some hardcore Guyspotting?


Jack Taylor
Kayden Gray
Koby Lewis
Mickey Taylor
Gabriel Phoenix
Matthew Anders
Billy Rock


mr. Pam

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