Drunk On Cum 4

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Scene 1: CumSlut Tryout: Featuring WILL BOTTOM and DOG-BOY

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It's a tradition for the DOC vids that we have a cocksucker competition to see which cum-slurper gets the prize (the prize being a crowd of men waiting to be sucked off). I was first contacted by WILL BOTTOM, a total cock-worshiper. This guy has zero limits and is exactly the kind of man I like to discover. I paired him up with muscle-bottom DOG-BOY and gave them a room filled with over a dozen men.

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From the outset it was obvious that while DOG-BOY was sexy, tattoo'd and hungry for dick, it was WILL who was the real deal. He dove in with a passion and a hunger that I'd rarely seen. And by the end of the session, with his stomach full of jizz and his beard coated and smelling like a high school locker-room, WILL was easily the better cocksucker.

Scene 2: Will's Reward: Featuring WILL and PHOENIX

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For his prize, WILL was given a warehouse full of literally dozens of men to blow. This is without doubt the biggest oral gangbang ever made in all-male porn. It was so big that I wasn't sure that even WILL would be able to manage it by himself. So to help out, we brought in PHOENIX SANCHEZ.

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These two sucked dick, gargled with jizz, snowballed the loads back and forth, and literally worked each other up into a cock-frenzy the likes of which you have never before seen.

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This is raw, primitive, primal cock-worship and spooge-rage that breaks all boundaries and brings together the man and beast.

Scene 3: ERICH and SANTINO

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For a change of gear, I brought the legendary ERICH LANGE together with one of the biggest cocks I've ever encountered. When ERICH saw the enormous dangling cockmeat hanging between SANTINO's legs, he was speechless. How do you entrance ERICH LANGE? Dangle 11 inches of black studsnake in front of his baby-blues.

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Personally, I have no idea how ERICH did it, but he takes the monster all the way to the balls and gives SANTINO the best blowjob he'd ever had. This is a cocksucking event for the ages!

Scene 4: MIKE and DOMINIC

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Every once in a while you get lucky. And with this next scene, I got very lucky. MIKE is a bone fide straight dude who was desperate for some bucks. I hired him on the basis of his handsome face and great body, but then he hauled out his megadeth dick and I knew just how lucky I'd been. I knew that I had to get what I could out of him for the camera before he disappeared. And I got two solid exhibitionistic meat-shows from him for DOC4.

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First, I got him to agree to let a guy blow him. It cost a bundle and even then he was reluctant---and you can tell he isn't exactly digging the experience. And the guy who sucks him off was put off by MIKE's straight-man arrogance, so it's not the most enthusiastic bj in the world (go figure). But this scene is a great chance to gaze long and hard at one of the great cocks that I've had the good fortune to lay eyes on.

Scene 5: Cum Hungry Daddy: Featuring TIL

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What happens when you put together a cock-crazed tattoo'd daddy and a group of cocksmen ready to shoot their loads? You get a happy seed-freak named TIL with a gut-full of spooge.

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TIL is a handsome slutty submissive muscle-daddy--truly my kind of man--who's into just about everything, but who loves sucking cock and slurping down loads best of all. You can see the dog-like raw passion in his every move, right down to where he's happily licking man-seed off the filthy orgy-room floor. Slurp-slurp! Here's a man who understands that not one fuckin' drop of semen should ever be wasted.

Scene 6: DAN FISK and SKY

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Of all the men at TIM, DAN FISK has been getting the most fan mail. Everyone seems to love his good looks, his gentle manner and his big fat ever-ready throbber. I know that DAN has a soft spot in his loins for the young'uns, so I paired him up with innocent, naive 19-year-old porn-virgin "SKY".

SKY was a little shy at first about sucking DAN's fat wiener in front of the camera. But the connection between the two men took over and by the end, SKY is giving DAN's cock a love-bath that draws out a big spurting load.

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After DAN shot straight into SKY's little rosy mouth, the cute boy wanted to savor the taste of the fresh jizz. And I think he wanted to show off for the cam. So he slowly dribbled the thick globs of white man-juice into a glass and then slowly...slowly...slowly drank it down, every savory pungent drop.

Scene 7: BRAD and MASON

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The first disc of this epic DOC ends with a real grown-up no-nonsense blowjob. Now, I've met few men more at home on their knees with a dick in their mouth than BRAD DAVIS. Situate his mouth anywhere near a man's crotch and you can see the primal cock-hunger sprout in his face. Here's a man born to suck.

I paired him up with MASON GARRETT and the two were a great match, with MASON's rock-hard schlong a beautiful veiny object of their mutual passion. In the end, BRAD is rewarded with a sticky spray-cluster of hot jizz down his man-pleasing throat.

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This is some fine cock-worshiping, with both men equally digging the session.

BONUS 1: Worshipping the Bulls

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I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, old-fashioned ball-lover. I love hairy ballsacs and will slurp and slobber over 'em forever - so long as the bulls don't mind.

In the second scene I managed to get out of horse-hung MIKE, I got him and another straight dude to watch porn while the cute li'l sex-tyke JASON CROFT crawled in between their big manly thighs and dove deep into one of the purest, hottest ball-worship sessions I've ever seen.

Both of the straight dudes refused to let JASON suck their cocks, but that didn't stop the young handsome slut from having the fuckin' time of his life. One of the studs actually got into having a submissve gay boy worship between his legs. But MIKE was obviously uncomfortable about the whole scene and his huge dong got soft every time JASON got close.

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When they worked out their juicy loads, JASON surprised everybody by pulling out a silver spoon! He scooped up the fresh sperm and slurped it down. He knew they wouldn't let him lick it up and he thought he'd earned a taste of that fresh-from-the-cock straightman cum.

After the guys left, JASON couldn't wait to pull his dick out and jerk off: the whole experience had him way too excited to hold off.

Not one to waste a drop of sperm, JASON spooned up his load and swallowed it right down.

BONUS 2: WILL Tattoo'd

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After working with me in the making of DOC4, WILL BOTTOM decided to to prove how deep his submission to cocklust was: he formally gave himself to me as a permanent sex-slave. How could I say no?

This scene is a set of highlights of WILL getting tattoo'd as my property.


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After his tattoo healed up, we shot WILL's first official act as a slave: sucking off a hot young buck. When the guy shoots his load---one of the most fuckin' impressive loads ever---WILL gets even more heated up with cumlust.

All this, plus an extended cum-shot compilation, a bunch of TIM trailers and more!

To me, cocksucking and cum-worship are a way of life. They're right at the heart of what makes a man a man, and what makes life as a man so rich and exciting. DRUNK ON CUM 4 is my tribute to the art and wildness of the man-to-man connection that sparks when mouth meets cock.

If you're like me and live for the taste and smell of cock and for the ultimate reward of hot sperm, I think you'll truly enjoy DOC4.

-- Paul Morris

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