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Family Dick captures all that you love about the special paternal bond between boys and men, featuring the best in hot, real, gay family sex. Dirty men from all over the internet send me real videos of them fucking their boys for fans to enjoy. Nothing better than seeing a young, horny boy taught about the birds and the bees by a handsome daddy.

In Volume 2, I’ve put together the story of of one my favorite boy’s, Colin. “High School Days” finds him getting punished by his super hot stepdad and leads him to retreat to his favorite, friendly uncle. Dr. Wolf is happy to give him a place to stay and even extend the boy some deep tissue massages. And boy does this handsome guy go deep!

In this series, Colin not only takes the cocks of the sexy men of his life, but he even takes a load or two from his uncle’s friends! Watch as he expands his extracurricular activities and gets even closer to his uncle!


1. Ride With Step Dad - After his stepson gets caught smoking, John struggles to figure out what to do to get through his son’s thick head! He picks him up from school and drives to a secluded place. Colin owes him for all the times he’s bailed him out, and now he has to pay.

2. Sports Massage - Colin needed to get away from his stepdad, so went to his uncle’s for the weekend. His leg was bothering him, so he asked his uncle to check it out. His uncle is a doctor and used to examining boy’s bodies, but what Colin had to show him piqued more than just professional interest.

3. Massage From Uncle’s Friend - Colin soccer injury hasn’t gone away and he’s not sure what more to do. His uncle has a friend who is more skilled with massage therapy and his happy to help out. Dr. Wolf is glad his friend can help and he can’t help but be excited about the idea of his nephew being touched all over. The helpful masseur knows the horny boy loves being touched, and his skillful hands know how to work him hard.

4. A Very Understanding Uncle - Thanks to the hospitality of his uncle, Colin is beginning to discover much more about himself and his sexuality… particularly his fantasies. When he brought up the desire to be tied up and fucked by a string of strange men, his uncle could hardly deny him. Dr. Wolf reached out to his network of pervy son fuckers to give his nephew a fucking he’d never forget.

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