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To cover or submerge. Swollen and overflowing. Burst. Run over. Overfill. Arrive in overwhelming amounts. Pour, stream, flow, surge, swarm, pile, crowd. Yeah. That pretty much sums up FLOODED.

FLOODED belongs to the Four Horsemen of Treasure Island: SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE. Each appear in 2 scenes starting off the movie together like a pack of rabid wolves in heat gang fucking the living daylights out of OWEN POWERS.

Shane Frost goes on to tag team JACOB LEE with SEAN PARKER. Erik Grant goes head to head fucking DEREK PARKER. Trevor Snow turns into a cum whore pussy boy bred by DRILLA. Rocco Steele finally gets to do the one scene he says he has been waiting to do since he got into porn – namely ravishing the hole of MARCUS ISAACS.

That’s not all. LUKAS CIPRIANI succumbs to the 10-inch uncut 8th wonder of the world when ESTEBAN fucks him. LUKE TYLER takes on JACK ALLEN and SAM BRIDLE. Newcummer KYLE FERRIS is truly flooded by TOMMY DELUCA, LUKE HARDING and ROB YAEGER. And then there is the man who came too much. EDDIE. AKA 3-SHOT EDDIE. You cannot even fathom what happens when I challenged Eddie to breed a bottom until he couldn’t cum anymore.

FLOODED. Flood my hole. The need to be flooded by men, cock, and sperm.


I wanted to see OWEN POWERS get gangfucked. Dominance is a ubiquitous phenomenon in social animals. Owen is led like a lamb to the slaughter ready to have his hole used and abused by the alpha top men. Surrounded and engulfed the men take turns fucking and getting sucked. SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE seemingly try to one up each other with how hard they can fuck or how much then can make the boy submit. It is a non-stop barrage of cocks in his mouth and up his ass, pounding, slamming, and demanding 100 percent attention to their dicks. Special thanks to Rockbar NYC.


LUKAS CIPRIANI is the perfect fuck. His hole can envelope and grasp any size dick, milking it until it explodes. ESTEBAN’s cock is huge. I mean, I’ve seen some big dicks in my day but this thing is fucking massive. He doesn’t pussy foot around. When he wants to fuck, he fucks in an ass splitting deep seeding jaw dropping way that would leave any bottom begging him to stop.

English is not Esteban’s native language so any cries of protest are pretty much met with deaf ears. He pummels Lukas’ butt 7 ways from Sunday and ignores the boy’s squeals until his uncut cock reaches the point of no return and spews forth a fountain of spooge.


Newcummer LUKE TYLER is a true Treasure Island pig. From the moment I met him I wanted to see him with a cock in his ass and another in his mouth. JACK ALLEN is more handsome every time I see him. He shows up here doing his best 70s porn star imitation with medium length hair and a stache you just wanna lick. SAM BRIDLE is the epitome of a horn dog boy with a hard on that needs to be put somewhere.

These 3 men together are a fuck hurricane. The mix of ages and nuances in personality compliment each other nicely – from Luke’s cum puppy please fuck me attitude, to Jack’s methodical and rhythmic dick driving, to Sam’s sex loving hard white uncut boy meat.

Luke is on his knees instantly and Jack and Sam descend taking turns with the man’s mouth and then his hole. The sling in the back of the basement cums in handy when the top men get serious and Luke is impaled by cock begging to be bred. Shot in The Breeding Zone Cellar (special thanks to rawTOP).


You will never wonder where the term “Pillow Biter” comes from after seeing TREVOR SNOW take on DRILLA. Or should I say Drilla’s dick (which should probably have its own zip code).

Trevor has been one of my favorite sex hound top men for a while so I was momentarily taken back when he said he wanted to get fucked for a change. Usually, I like my tops to be tops and my bottoms to be bottoms but there is something strangely satisfying in seeing Snow take it as good as he gives it.

Drilla fucks like a power drill. With no mercy and no apologies. He has Trevor suck on his cock to get him hard and then throws him down on the bed and rails him until he breeds him.


The thing I love about this combination of JACOB LEE, SHANE FROST and SEAN PARKER is the palpable bro-fest that is going on between Shane and Sean. Jacob is a great bottom but these two tops hit it off and Jacob turns into the plaything for the two men to use while they are having sex with each other.

Sucking turns to fucking and then double fucking where the feel of Shane’s cock up against Sean’s inside Jacob’s hole causes an instant spontaneous combustion of Sean’s dick. Shane then goes at the hole in earnest and is egged on by Sean’s meat and jizz in his face. Good boy Jacob takes all the dicks in his stride happy to be used and loaded.


ERIK GRANT is a demanding top that turns DEREK PARKER into a whining sniveling bitch for his cock. The more you want Erik Grant’s load, the more he is going to make you beg for it and one thing is for sure -- he’s not going to give you his precious seed until he is good and ready and feels like you have worked hard enough to get it.

Derek told me he’s been topping more lately and wasn’t prepared for the ass fucking assault that Erik demands of any bottom lucky enough to get that 9-inch cock in their hole. There is a thin line between pleasure and pain and Grant is the master at making sure you get a glimpse of both when he is fucking you.

Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. I want your cock. I want you to breed me.


Making his TIM debut, KYLE FERRIS is a moth to a flame when it cums to getting fucked and taking seed. He is a huge Treasure Island Media fan who has fantasized about being a TIM cum whore for a long time. Kyle is also the model in the DVD menu who basically let me water board him for a few hours - - - so he’s all right in my book.

I told TOMMY DELUCA, LUKE HARDING and ROB YAEGER to go ahead and give the boy what we all know he wanted. Of course, that old adage of being careful what you wish for rings true. When we first started you can see Kyle’s eyes glaze over in a flurry of both excitement and fear.

Ferris is immediately surrounded by the three men who waste no time in using every orifice at the same time. His ass and mouth are filled non-stop the entire time as they cajole each other on and get his hole wet enough to use each other’s cum for lube until it’s good and sloppy.


One of the first things ROCCO STEELE told me was that he wanted to fuck MARCUS ISAACS. Breeding Marcus Isaacs had just come out and Rocco said Marcus was his ultimate fantasy bottom partner. He referred to it as the scene he was waiting to do since he got into porn.

No brainer. Nothing I like better than to make fantasies cum true and I immediately asked them both not to do it with anyone else but me.

The chemistry between these two men is authentic, genuine, and real. Marcus wants Rocco to fuck him as much as Rocco wants to do it. I had a hard time getting them to keep their hands off each other when the cameras weren’t rolling and at one point when we stopped for a second they just kept on fucking in a back room.

THIS is the scene Rocco wanted to do more than anything and THIS is the one you don’t want to miss.Oh. It doesn’t hurt that they start off in suits and end up in leather. Grrrrr.


After EDDIE appeared in Cum Whore and the So You Wanna Be A Cumdump TIMFUCK series I started to publicly refer to him as 3-shot Eddie. I got an interesting suggestion from an Eddie fan on Twitter.

Put Eddie in a room with a bottom and challenge him to cum as many times as he could until he was shooting dry and couldn’t cum anymore. You are not going to believe what happened. Seriously.

The concept of a multi-cumming top – well, prior to this the most I have seen a top cum in one session is a total of three. Here it is taken to the extreme. Is each of Eddie’s orgasms an actual squirt? I don’t know. I suspect that some of them are more tantric in nature than actual cum shots, but I do know it is the real deal.

The lucky bottom is bubble butt cumdump WES STEVENS previously seen in Stick It Fuck It Breed It Leave It, who oddly enough had a fuck buddy in college who was a multi-cummer. He takes each of Eddie’s loads in his stride and keeps asking for another one.

How many times does Eddie cum?

You are going to have to watch the scene to find out.

You definitely won’t believe it.

FLOODED exemplifies the instinctual urge that every bottom gets to have his insides flooded with nature’s milk by packs of dominant, all encompassing tops in hostile takeovers of their breeding holes. There is a feeling, a yearning, an urgency that every bottom desires to have either one load, or multiple loads flood his hole. Some say that true cum dumps were born and not created. That may be true, but some cum dumps are made one flooding at a time. - Max Sohl

Cast: Jack Allen, Sam Bridle, Lukas Cipriani, Tommy Deluca, Drilla, Eddie, Esteban, Kyle Ferris, Shane Frost, Erik Grant, Luke Harding, Marcus Isaacs, Jacob Lee, Derek Parker, Sean Parker, Owen Powers, Trevor Snow, Rocco Steele, Wes Stevens, Luke Tyler, Rob Yaeger.

Director: Max Sohl

Producer: Paul Morris

Runtime: 150 minutes

Shane, Sean and Jacob, great chemistry & a great fucking sexy scene. Same goes for Erik and Derek. It's all about the chemistry in my book! And I really enjoyed Derek's very cummy scene....let the bottoms cum after they've be plowed so well, I say!!
Hot chemistry with Erick and Derek, who has the perfect bubble butt and attitude for Erick's demanding adoration while fucking. What makes the scene is Derek exploding a huge load after he gets his butt full of cum.
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