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 Scene 01: Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon and Andy Star in the Ass 

Andrey Vic Is a young and hot muscular top with an insatiable sexual  appetite, and what his boyfriend Andy Star doesn't know won't hurt  him. Because Andy would be incredibly jealous to know that alpha-top  Rico Marlon has been secretly messaging Andrey asking him to fuck his  ass bareback. Andrey first grabs ahold of Rico's head and shoves his  fat uncut Russian cock down his throat. Rico isn't used to submission,  but Andrey teaches him how to behave. Rico is a fast learner: Andrey  plays with his ass before mounting him and sliding his raw dick inside  Rico's ass. Andrey gives him slow and deep thrusts. He wants to be  sure Rico Marlon feels every second of his bottoming experience. Andrey  creams in his hole, gives him a smack on the ass, and tells him to leave  before Andy shows up. Andy, meanwhile, had a stressful day and needs to  relax. He accomplishes this by swallowing Andrey's cock and taking a  ride on it. These young Russian tops sure have stamina!

 Scene 02: Ace Era and Ralph Novak Cuckold Lucas Fox 

Lucas Fox doesn't like sharing his toys, but it's been a fantasy of  his boyfriend Ace Era to have Lucas take on the role of a cuckold and  watch his man take a stranger in the ass. It took a lot of convincing,  but Ace and Lucas finally find a man to help them play out the fantasy.  While Lucas sits by and plays with his dick, he watches Ralph Novak  man-handle Ace's ass and makes him his bottom bitch. Ace can't  restrain himself for long --- he loves Lucas' huge throbbing cock, and  he sucks on it while Ralph pounds him from behind. After awhile when  Lucas comes inside Ace. (who puckers it out into Ralph's hand for  proof of purchase) Lucas enjoys some sloppy seconds and breeds his man  ass to completion.

 Scene 03: Javi Velaro Rides Lucas Fox's Raw Cock 

Ace had his fun, so now it's Lucas Fox's turn. Lucas tells Ace to  wait at home and jerk off while thinking about Lucas going out and being  with another man. The hookup is Javi Velaro, and he's a horny guy who  loves having a tall dominant hunk to service. Javi totally gives  himself to Lucas: they sensually kiss and touch before Javi gives up his  hole to Lucas' raw top cock. The fucking is incredible from the  beginning: at 04:55 Javi Velaro is bent over taking dick deep and hard!  Lucas gets a tickle in his own butt, and he bends over for some of  Javi's raw cock, too.

 Scene 04: Andrey Vic, Bogdan Gromov, Dani Robles, Andy Star | Bareback Orgy  

Andy Star is hanging out with his best friend Dani Robles while Andy's  boyfriend, Andrey Vic, is picking up his Russian friend from the  airport. Andrey has wanted to get his hands on Dani for a while now, but  Andy will only allow that to happen if he's offered a hot guy to  occupy him in the meantime. Andrey sends Dan and Andy a picture of his  friend, Bogdan Gromov, and Andy instantly falls for his incredibly body  and warm smile. By the time the foursome is well underway, Andy Star and  Dani Robles are full of raw Russian dick as Bogdan Gromov and Andrey  Vic fuck the hell out of them!

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