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Scene 1

MICHAEL ROMAN walks into a bar. JAXX THANATOS is waiting. “Hey.” Which one of these guys is going to breed the other one first?  


The two muscle pups are soon naked and all over each other. Kissing, sucking each other’s dicks, spitting in each other’s mouths, licking up armpits, rimming each other’s holes, doing poppers. Jaxx bends Michael over the bar and shoves his cock in his ass and power pounds him. 


Michael then gets Jaxx legs up on the bar table until he breeds him. Jaxx hasn’t cum yet and there is only one place he plans on putting his man-seed. Deep in Michael’s guts, leaving a thick glob of cum dripping out the man’s hole.


Scene 2

It is a small world after all when ALEJANDRO AVILA signs up for a gang breeding. 



One after the other: MILAN GAMIANIRILEY MITCHELNICK CROSSDEVIANT OTTERJAY DONAHUEJACE CHAMBERS and CHANDLER SCOTT step up and have a go at this loose pussy cumslut. 



Alejandro is ass up face down as this group of boned up otters cum by to bust their nuts and use each other’s cum for lube. Alejandro takes several loads on all fours, but finishes up on his back and is left begging for more cum.


Scene 3 

This is just a warm up for MASON LEAR who practices his dick taking skills with JACE CHAMBERS before his next day all out gangbang. Jace kicks back and really uses Mason’s mouth and throat, letting Mason get to thoroughly know the cock that is going to fuck him. 


Jace has the bottom get up and straddle his dick so he can get it in as deep as possible. Then that moment always happens where a top goes from fucking around to wanting to cum. 


Jace tosses Mason on his back and drives his dick in, then tosses him down on his belly so he can enjoy the intense fucking and breeding. Mason shrieks in delight at the massive load Jace gives him.


Scene 4

SEAN HARDING came to get fucked. It’s been a minute since we have seen the beautifully tatted DEXX who starts things off by smoking a joint while Sean services hairy daddy LUKE HARRINGTON. The men switch off with Luke rimming Sean’s ass while he throats Dexx and his massive stunning cock. Luke slides in the hole and opens it up, pile driving the bottom man into the mattress. Dexx – now nice and high on poppers and pot has a turn fucking Sean (and we love watching him fuck in his long solid strokes). Dexx and Luke double fuck Sean – who sits on Luke’s meat so Dexx can slide in from behind. Luke breeds Sean, and watching that gets Dexx so excited he unleashes a spectacular load all over Sean’s face and in his mouth. That’s just the first of Dexx’s cumshots, since this horny stoned fucker insists on fucking a second load of jizz directly up Sean’s butt.




Scene 5

DREW SEBASTIAN. IS. BACK. Drew is full on Zaddy mode with a capital Z. And that superior schlong has never looked thicker, harder or – well – fucking huge! 


BLAKE HOUSTON is the lucky bitch to take our Drew on, and we think Mr. Sebastian gives the bottom a run for his life – judging from all the squealing the kid is doing from the rough fuck Drew gives him. 



“That is a fun dick”, says Blake after he has Drew’s babies up his gut and he is cleaning the man-meat off with his mouth. We agree Blake!

Scene 6

Nick Moretti’s gangbangs are legendary and this one lives up to the reputation. 45 seconds in and BRIAN BONDS is lubing up MASON LEAR with fresh milk for the other guys to use to fuck. GINGER DAD, MICHAEL ROMAN, JACE CHAMBERS, LIAM GRIFFIN and RYAN ANTHONY each take turns fucking Mason’s well-used cunt. 




It is an all out breeding session after that. Mason is positioned for cum – alternating between all 4s and exposing his gaping slit on his back and one by one – the horndawgs step up to dump their loads. 


Scene 7

TY ROBERTS. IS. BACK. Ty – now going by the full name TYLER ROBERTS - is one of Treasure Island’s all time favorite top men. This 6” 5” stud fucks like a man in heat, never losing his Southern charm as he beats a bottom into submission with his cock. The first time we met Ty, he was 23 years old – 7 years later, he has matured into a perfect specimen of pure breeding bliss. 


Tyler has MICHAEL ROMAN worship his cock before he goes for the hole. Fucking it on all 4s and then making him ride his cock and squeeze the head of his dick with his cunt and demonstrate just how lucky he is to get fucked by that fat meat. 



Ty gets Michael on his stomach and really fucks the hell out of him. Michael is then put on the edge of the bed and Tyler – once again being the gentlemen that he is – fucks a load out of the bottom before depositing his own cum deep where it belongs.


Have to comment on Drew's cock....how did it get bigger? I ain't complaining, my dick got hard just by watching him get blown, but when he kept poking that humongous and gorgeous cock in & out of his obsessed pig bottom's arse, my dick got bigger too and my husband loved it!
Entire movie is hot, but the 3 way with hairy muscle daddy Luke, Dexx, and Sean totally rocked!! XXX
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