Latin Ass Stretchers

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Scene 1

RAUL BENITEZ cock is fat.  Like think the size of your wrist.  Uncut with a nice curve to the right to hit your hole in all the right places.  SANTIAGO VALDEZ gets right down to business working the hard shaft with his mouth, slobbering all over it and getting it wet.  Santiago sits right down on that fucking monster and begins to ride – bouncing up and down on that thing to stretch open his ass.


When he has had enough of the bottom’s fun and games – Raul bends the bottom boy over the kitchen counter and shows him who is in charge of this fuck session, slowly using the cunt to milk his man meat.  


Raul moves the pussy bottom to the bedroom so he can really fuck and get his nut out.  Thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper – the intense pounding causes Santiago to shoot and the concentrated squeezing on his cock makes Raul cum too – breeding the hole and leaving it satisfied.



Scene 2

Our heartthrob DANTE PIERO loves to fuck.  VOLTIO presents his hole wide open so Dante can slide his perfect torpedo shaped cock in.  Dante jackhammers the kid’s ass open – alternating between fucking – slapping his hard dick against it and making Voltio taste his own butt with some penetrating ass-to-mouth action.

Dante then positions Voltio over a crate so he can pile drive his meat in deep.  First on all fours and then getting him on his back so he can really piston fuck.  You can see the bottom keeps trying to get Dante’s attention but Dante is too focused on fucking his load out.


They retreat to the bathroom, where Dante allows his cock to be serviced again before fucking Voltio in the shower and giving him a thick and healthy load of jizz down his throat.  Back to his ass.  Back to his throat.  Must see for ass-to-mouth lovers!


Scene 3

EL MAESTRO is an important well-known young man in Colombia – but he secretly lives to be serviced, fuck and breed and loves showing off his cock and cum.  He agreed to do this scene if he could wear a hood.



RUBIEL COLINA is an insatiable pig bottom willing to do anything to get another man’s load in his hole.  El Maestro starts things off by power slamming Rubiel’s mouth and throat making him gag and slobber all over his dick.  He doesn’t fuck until he is sure the bottom boy really wants it, exposing and inspecting the ass while he is being intensely throated.


Rubiel is tossed over the side of the bed giving El Maestro full access to the man-pussy and then takes complete advantage.  The top is a power fucker.  His cock loves to be wrapped around a warm wet hole.  He fucks Rubiel on all fours, makes him ride his macho dick, fingers the pussy stretching it wider, has his cock serviced and when he can’t hold back – unleashes a white creamy load of his cum and then takes the time to make sure every drop goes in the hole.


Scene 4

Horndawg LEONEL CORTEZ leans back and lets RODRIGO CHIVAS work his cock, grabbing onto the bottom’s mohawk and using it to guide his head up and down over the shaft.  But that is not why he showed up today, he was promised some tight man ass to open up.


Leonel gets Rodrigo on all fours and slides his dick in, piston fucking hard and non-stop.  Once the hole is good and open he plays a round of target practice – using the hole as he lets his dick pull out and then find it’s way back into the tight pucker over and over.  The bottom stops for a bit and sits on Leonel’s cock trying to milk the shaft.


You can almost see the moment that Leonel wants to breed.  He starts to fuck in full earnest with only one thought in mind, seeding that open cavity with his man seed, shooting thick streamy squirts of cum and burying it deep.  As if marking his territory with his sperm is not enough, Leonel finishes up by pissing into Rodrigo’s hole.


Scene 5

PACO RIVERA is a horny growing boy.  Well, at least his cock is growing.  It is long and thick with just the slightest down curve at the tip.  As TITO GOMEZ starts to use his mouth on it, it becomes rock hard and Paco kicks back to let the slut enjoy his manhood for a good servicing.  Tito eventually tries to sit on it, but he is too tight and the dick is too big.  You know that is not going to stop Paco.


Led by a hard on that is not going to go down until it is balls deep, the demanding top gets the bottom pinned to the wall and sinks his cock in, unceremoniously stretching the ass open so he can fuck it good.  Not fazed by the tight hole, Paco does the only thing he can do.  He gets the bottom spread eagle and fucks him into the bed so the kid can’t get away.


Finally the hole is good and open.  Paco fucks him on his side and then gets him on his back so he can breed.


Scene 6

We are pretty sure that Dante’s dick is hard 24 hours a day and that he just walks around all the time looking for holes to stick it into.  RIGO DIMAS is down on his knees and waiting - and as if to prove us right, Dante shows up hard and ready to go even before his meat is pulled out from his boxer shorts.


Rigo positions himself up on a table so his pussy is exposed and completely available and Dante goes to town doing what he does best – stretching ass.  In and out - in hard even thrusts and pokes, we just love watching this man fuck and the way he shows off his cock.



Dante fucks for quite a while.  He pounds that ass relentlessly.  You can see his pre-cum slowing starting to accumulate around Rigo’s hole.  Dante keeps fucking – steps back to take a breath – orders Rigo to get on his back and steps back up to fuck his load in.


Most boring, unimaginative Paul Morris film I've seen (scanned through). You used to give us context, a scene,... now this is just fuck fuck fucking.
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