Legendary Cocksucker Damon Dogg

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If you’ve met DAMON DOGG, he’s probably sucked your dick. And if he didn’t, it was almost certainly your decision, not his. One of my favorite DAMON DOGG stories is this: A prickly fussy gay boy sidled up to DAMON late one night at the Powerhouse here in San Fran.

DAMON had spent the evening on his knees, making his way from one dick to another to another. The fussy gay boy, hoping to hurt DAMON’s feelings, loudly announced to DAMON, “Don’t you know you’re sucking a lot of ugly men’s cocks?” DAMON, not missing a dick-loving beat, grunted “I haven’t been looking up.” That’s DAMON. No one on the planet loves cock like he does. And from the very beginning he loved spooge as much as he loved cock. Getting that thick load of jizz down his gullet was his reward for a pleasurable job well done. Now, as you know, this was back when all the “porn stars” in the world were so afraid of a little jism that they’d screw their made-up faces and turn aside so a man’s load would fall sadly on their overpaid little bronzered cheeks. So when I say that DAMON DOGG taught a generation of cock-hounds how to truly suck cock, I mean it. He’s a legend for a very good reason. If there’s a patron saint of the blow job and the soggy knee, it’s DAMON DOGG. He will always be one of my heroes. So, in this compilation DVD I’ve pulled together a few of my all-time favorite scenes of DAMON doing what he does better than anyone. I hope they whet your appetite a big and get you out the door to a glory hole, sucking and getting royally sucked. Enjoy your manhood. It’s the greatest privilege of all.

Scene 1 - Skull Fuck

DAMON DOGG met PAUL STAG (Mr. Leather U.K.) a while back, and since then he's had a serious hankerin' for the Brit's thick, veiny, uncut prong-dong. So when PAUL said he was coming to town, we decided to give the DOGG the bone he had been wanting for so long. DAMON is such a pro that PAUL came within the first few minutes, and of course DAMON greedily slurped up every drop of the tough leatherman's limey slimey. But PAUL wasn't done---not by a long shot. He really wanted to show DAMON how the English do it, so he gave him the SKULL FUCK of a lifetime. DAMON struggles, but he takes it and loves it, like the true world-class cocksucking champeen he is. And he gets another load out of PAUL, too! We expected no less from The King of Cocksuckers.

Scene 2 - Slave Will

Now we delve into our archive to give you a classic TIMSUCK scene with a twist: this one features infamous bonehound DAMON DOGG actually GETTING blown! As a cameraman, DAMON had seen SLAVE WILL in action several times and finally couldn't take it any longer--he had to test the cocksucker's skills directly. Jumping at the chance to show off, WILL feasted worshipfully on DAMON's meat, alternately nursing on the tip and inhaling the Dogg's cock down to the root. By the time DAMON lets loose and spatters WILL's tongue, feeding the cumpig gobs of his goo, he's more than satisfied that WILL really is as good as he looks.

Scene 3 - Damon Blows Jesse

DAMON and I were supposed to be shooting a solo scene with the now-legendary topman JESSE O'Toole (seen in PLOWED!). A lot of guys had written in asking for a solo scene so they could worship that gigantic oversized choda that JESSE sports between his legs. But once DAMON got a look at JESSE's ridiculously oversized cock in person he just had to take a taste. And once he got started there was no stopping him. DAMON just kept sucking and licking and playing with that big thing until JESSE shot a thick white load all over his belly. And DAMON happily and hungrily laps it all up, swallowing down every salty drop. He tells me it tasted as sweet as cotton candy! (I'm not kidding.)

Scene 4 - Vince and Damon Grade A Beef!

VINCE is a lean, muscular man who sucks DAMON's load down (and boy, was the DOGG ever ready for that!) while spraying massive fountains of jizz that the DOGG happily laps up.

Scene 5 - Feed The Dogg Party

Then on to a "Feed the Dogg" PARTY: a roomful of hot horny men - all intent on emptying their big full balls down the throat of one willing DOGG.

Scene 6 - Christian Joins In

Lean skate-punk CHRISTIAN joins in to help service the horny spunked-up group of studs, sharing cocks and cum with the DOGG.

Scene 7 - Warehouse Blow

This one is for you true dick worshippers. JEREMY - an eccentric character who was hanging out at our offices and helping in Shipping for a while - told me one day that he was "terminally horny" and needed to unload. DAMON DOGG had just come in, so I grabbed the camera and went into a far corner of the warehouse with the two of them. DAMON gave JEREMY a passionate and expert blowjob, trying his best to swallow JEREMY's 9-inch rod. A hot and satisfying scene.

Scene 8 - Chopps

One afternoon, after they'd been in Denver for a few days, DAMON met up with a totally sexy tattooed fucker named CHOPPS. He''d never met a guy named CHOPPS before! CHOPPS sucked DAMON off and slurped down his jizz. DAMON happily returned the favor, always happy to do so!

Scene 9 - Notorious D.I.C.

To get ready for the trip, DAMON first opened wide for the huge Black cock of NOTORIOUS D.I.C. - and our intrepid DOGG had to work hard and keep his jaw stretched way, way o-o-open for this chunk of stud-meat. For his happy efforts, DAMON's rewarded with two loads of hot juicy cum. DAMON was the first dude ever to blow this Black stud (yep ... he's married and has a coupla kids). NOTORIOUS D.I.C. had to admit, after shooting his second load, that DAMON definitely has the know-how that makes a man feel good.

Scene 10 - Alessandro Gets Blown

Now, as you know, straight men are a lot like potato chips: it's mighty hard to eat just ONE. ALESSANDRO is a cocky hetero thug with charm to spare, and didn't think he'd enjoy getting sucked off by a guy. But DAMON wrapped those cock-hungry lips around that jism-filled baby-maker ... and before you know it, the guy is shooting a big ol' load down DAMON's waiting gullet.

Scene 11 - Blowjob at the Beach

Driving down all the way to Los Angeles was a hard slog for DAMON to take - without sucking some hard dick. So he set up a quickie blowjob by the beach, out in the open air, with a straight guy named RUSSELL. After some fine slurpity-slurpin', RUSSELL presents the DOGG with a big ol' multi-spurter shot straight down the trap.

Scene 12 - Blowin' Tony and Ray

When DAMON and CHRISTIAN went to L.A. they checked into a sizzlin' sleazy resort where guys have sex all day, 24 / 7. The two cum-sluts fit right in. DAMON hadn't even unpacked his bags before he ran into buddies TONY and RAY. The DOGG happily shared RAY's dick with the accommodatin' TONY, the two men double-sucking until they got a big fresh load to snowball back and forth.

Scene 13 - Franco and Eric Get Blown

The very next morning in L.A., DAMON and CHRISTIAN happily get down on their knees and suck off FRANCO DAX and his stud-buddy ERIC WOLFE. CHRISTIAN and DAMON choke and slurp on the huge veiny stud-schlongs until they each get a big hot 'n' sticky sperm-serving.

Scene 14 - Hallway Blow

If you've followed DAMON's exploits in the DAMON BLOWS AMERICA series, you know that he can't watch sex for long before he jumps in to get some for himself. Here's what happens when the camera guy jumps into the mix. During a brief break in the banging action DAMON steps out - right into the hotel hallway to publicly suck a nice load of salty jizz out of a super-hung British stud named BEN DENVER.

Bonus 1 - Casey Cox

DAMON shot a couple of new scenes in Portland, Oregon in 2015. First up is a chilled-out CASEY COX slurp session. DAMON gets right to work, blowin' CASEY's bone while the stoner kicks back and enjoys the ride. Our cocksucking champ clearly savors the dude's thick tasty load. Bonus 2 Buy Scene $4.00 Damon Blows Abraham in Portland Beefy Latin stud ABRAHAM ran into the DOGG at Hawks PDX and some hearty cocksucking soon followed. It's a quick creamy load for DAMON, some happy relief for ABRAHAM.

This is a great movie with lots of content. I really liked the scene with Christian and Damon in the pool and Damon sucking Christian on a raft. The porch scene is great reminds me of a dirty The Waltens and never look at porches the same again. The scene with uncut Paul stag is great and awesome 2 bonus scenes. Shows how great a cock sucker this guy is and what we can be too!
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