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This fourth installment in the LUST series brings more gems out of the Treasure Island vaults. 8 full scenes of man-on-man hardcore sucking fucking and breeding -- plus a cumshot/breeding review. It amazes us that these scenes have never been released for you to enjoy and jerk off to -- until now!!!

Volume 4 features TIM exclusives: Derek Anthony, Calvin, Ian Jay, BJ Slater, Jerry Stearns and as a special bonus, never before seen Dawson footage. There are also plenty of TIM favorite men like Andre Barclay, Tober Brandt, Ray Dalton, Mark Dixon, Craig London, Lucca Mazza and many more.

Scene 1 - Sling 3-Way Fuck



MANNIE and DEREK ANTHONY use MARK DIXON like a cheap whore. MARK bends over giving MANNIE’s tongue, fingers & cock full access to his sweet meaty hole. With barely any spit on his dick, MANNIE shoves his raw dick deep into MARK, pounding his insides.

With MARK opened up, DEREK takes his turn fucking him while MANNIE makes MARK worship his uncut cock with his mouth.

MARK hops into the sling presenting his ass for cock. He clearly understands that he is just a hole and getting their seed is all that matters. DEREK And MANNIE switch off from ass to mouth until they both fuck MARK’s asshole full of raw spunk.

As a reward for being such a willing fuckhole, MANNIE tongue fucks and hungrily deep felches MARK’s butt with one of the longest tongues we think we have ever seen!

Scene 2 - Ian Jay Gangbang



Originally shot for BREEDING IAN JAY

IAN JAY was looking for trouble, so we gave it to him. We had him come surrender his body to be used by some of our horniest breeders.

With no small talk and IAN’s legs spread, LUIZ PRONTO is face deep in IAN’s hole, slicking the boy up to be the first bare dick inside. He lubes up IAN’s guts with pre-cum getting him ready for TOR MATTHEWS’ heavy cum leaking pole.

IAN's ass already dripping sperm, DANNY ORTEGA drives his dick in and quickly adds his DNA to the mix while IAN cleans the ass juice off TOR’s cock.

CJ MICHAELS waits patiently for his turn at the cummy fuck hole and lies back and lets IAN ride his cock. He uses the young man’s fuck chute like a toy to jack off in.

All the guys continue to take turns on IAN’s hole until all of them have left juicy spermy deposits.

Scene 3 - Mark Mann and Phoenix Sanchez


MARK MANN is a hungry cock whore. Needing to feel his hole full, he takes out a dildo and fucks himself to pass the time until he can get the real thing. He is like a bitch in heat waiting to be filled up before the top arrives, even confessing to the crew that he just took a trick’s load before they got there.

PHOENIX SANCHEZ shows up, and MARK is treated to a deep rim job and aggressive full throat fuck.

On his back and ready to take PHOENIX’s pierced cock to the hilt, MARK’s hole was given nothing but deep hard spit slicked thrusts. These two work up a sweat that has MARK screaming for more cum in his ass.

Scene 4 - Andre Barclay and Kirby


Big dick KIRBY has ANDRE BARCLAY waste no time getting his meat in his mouth. No surprise, this hungry boy sucks, slurps, licks & laps all over KIRBY’s preppy cock and balls.

Following KIRBY’s lead, ANDRE bends over giving his hole up to be eaten and snaked full of dick. KIRBY doesn’t hold back from filling the boy up deep and quickly. ANDRE’s asshole takes long deep dick strokes stabbing his guts as he grunts in pain and pleasure.

KIRBY isn’t finished. Almost as soon as he breeds ANDRE’s hole, he announces he wants to cum again and shoots a second wad of jizz in the kid’s ass.

Scene 5 - BJ Slater and Lucca Mazza


Muscle hole LUCCA MAZZA worships BJ SLATER’s famous cock as he gets his beefy ass filled balls deep on the man’s weapon sized cock.

He grunts as his second hole is pushed through and BJ drill fucks him rearranging his innards. Of course like any hungry fuckhole he takes every hard thrust.

SLATER is a pro in front of our cameras. You can tell he made a name for himself in porn because he loves to fuck. He isn’t satisfied until all his babies are buried inside LUCCA’s man-cunt.

Scene 6 - Derek Anthony and Calvin


CALVIN isn’t playing games. Our favorite deaf boy immediately drops to his knees and takes DEREK ANTHONY’s manhood to the face. He services DEREK’s dick until he is put on his back to expose his hole for penetration.

DEREK drives in slowly and steady, easing CALVIN’s ass open before picking up the pace and really pump fucking that ass. He luxuriates in every in and out of his big dick, finally filling that bubble butt full of cum.

The chemistry between DEREK and CALVIN in this scene is off the charts. It is pretty clear why both of them are considered to be Treasure Island all-stars.

Scene 7 - Tober Brandt and Ray Dalton


TOBER BRANDT and a very cut and lean RAY DALTON meet up for some good ol’ flip fucking.

TOBER eats out RAY’s furry muscle ass and slides the full length of his fat dick up his hole. RAY grunts like an overcompensating prom date while TOBER drills away at his pristine virgin flower.

RAY grunts like a beast while TOBER drags his cock in and out across his gripping fuck hole.

Returning the favor -- pay back is a bitch -- RAY lubes up TOBER’s juicy hole and fucks the horny man whore’ butt raw claiming TOBER's ass for his own.

These pigs flip and fill each other up with hot man sperm. A lot of men say they are versatile, but these two show how it’s done.

Scene 8 - Jerry, Craig London and Seth


JERRY STEARNS and CRAIG LONDON get their hands on SETH and plan on putting him to good use. Both his holes are in for a rough afternoon.

SETH’s fuzzy little ass is broken open by a hard semi-dry drill down by CRAIG. CRAIG is one of our all time favorite top men. He slides in and out feeling every inch of his dick in a man’s hole -- then jack hammers balls deep seeing how hard he can pound a hole out like a cowboy on a bucking bronco -- this man can Fuck with a capital F.

That all is just an appetizer when you are being tag-teamed and the other cock in the room belongs to JERRY STEARNS. JERRY is the consummate top. For starters, there is THAT JERRY STEARNS cock. And then there is JERRY STEARNS fucking with that JERRY STEARNS cock. He has a way of turning a hole into an extension of his dick -- expertly using it as he thrusts in and out -- and ultimately making his bottom boys beg for his precious cum.

SETH is in bottom boy heaven, grunting and groaning and deliriously happy for every moment he has cock in his hole.

After this great fuck session -- the guy’s take a shower together and let’s just say, SETH happy gets one more load of jizz in his ass!

Bonus - Dawson and Jason Tyler (No Cumshot)



Originally shot for DAWSON'S 50 LOAD WEEKEND

This is a special bonus never before seen treat for all of DAWSON’s fans out there. DAWSON and JASON TYLER knew each other for years. They have a great and playful chemistry. Down in the depths of a NYC sex club dungeon these two suck, eat ass, fuck, finger and lick in full leather.

By the time this was filmed, Dawson already had a couple dozen loads of sperm up his hole. But, try as he might – and when Dawson wants your cum, he going to do every thing in his power to get it - Dawson still couldn’t get Jason’s load out.

But man – it sure is fun to watch him try!

Bonus - Behind the Fucking 4

Another installment of Behind the Fucking (think “Real Porn Stars of Treasure Island Media”). Clips and moments of some of the crazy goings on and banter behind the scenes of LUST 4 at a Treasure Island Media shoot.

L.U.S.T. VOLUME 4 is more incredible time capsule footage that almost disappeared into the TIM vaults. It features your favorite TIM all-stars and some new guys you haven’t seen fuck yet. Not to be missed.

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