New Rules - TitanMen

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Runtime 180 Minutes

Featuring: Dakota Rivers, Daymin Voss, Dirk Caber, Julian Knowles

Sex is fun. Why limit yourself? When two devoted couples spent a relaxing weekend together, they show how modern relationships have New Rules as they swap spouses—and redefine what love means.

Celebrating their anniversary, Julian Knowles and Daymin Voss visit their friends’ house for a getaway—and christen the guest room with a romantic flip fuck.

Ever an accommodating host, Dirk Caber offers some heated hospitality to guest Daymin Voss, the two swapping sucks before sliding inside each other’s fuzzy holes.

With permission to play, Julian Knowles offers to wake up Dakota Rivers—who is already at full mast and hungry for breakfast, blasting the bottom’s face after ravaging his hole. With the smell of sex still on him, Dakota Rivers shuts the mouth of verbal husband Dirk Caber—who gets expertly edged as he gets fucked, his beard and cock soon soaked in cum.

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