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Scene 01: Josh Rider Bottoms for Marq Daniels Bareback

Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Josh Rider is sunning himself by the  pool when he and fellow exclusive Marq Daniels check each other out.  It's been awhile since Marq fucked an ass, and Josh Rider is always up  for sneaking away and getting pounded out bareback. Josh can't resist  the inviting sight of a big uncut cock that's hard and ready for  sucking off, so when the guys find a quiet area away from the pool and  Marq reveals his raging hard on, Josh gets to work. Marq Daniels has an  incredible body, and his six pack flexes as Josh swallows all eight  inches of his thick uncut meat. Marq preps Josh by sucking his dick and  licking his asshole before bending him over and shoving it in. Josh is  bent over taking Marq's dick raw and hard: check out 11:55 if you want  to see true ball-slapping anal action!

Scene 02: Sean Xavier and Andy Star Celebrate a Bareback Cinco De Mayo

Sean Xavier's favorite holiday is Cinco De Mayo, and he's excited to  celebrate during his trip to Gran Canaria. Wearing his lucky sombrero  and with his trusty maracas in hand, Sean encourages his boyfriend Andy  Star to get into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo too. Andy reminds Sean the  holiday is only celebrated in Mexico, but then again, who cares? It's  as good a reason as any for Sean and Andy to enjoy their vacation with  some hot gay bareback sex. Andy surrenders his uncut meat and tight ass  for Sean to suck on and eat out. Sean Xavier is the top in this  relationship, and Andy loves submitting to his boyfriend's huge black  cock. First he swallows up as much of the 10-inch BBC as he can before  riding Sean's awe-inspiring endowment. Check out 26:30 to see Andy  Star on his back getting railed by Sean!

Scene 03: Jakes Andrews Tops Alex Mason Bareback

Jake Andrews and Alex Mason both look incredible in briefs, and that's  especially so when they have raging hard-ons in their briefs while  they're making out. It's been awhile since Jake Andrews has appeared  on Lucas Entertainment, and his body is always incredible and smooth.  Alex, by contrast, has the perfect amount of fur on his tightly muscled  physique. Jake and Alex both love sucking dick, and they take their time  with the blowjobs on each other. In this encounter Jake is the top, and  Alex relishes bouncing on his dick. The action gets extra sweaty when  Jake gets Alex on his back at 14:00, which is Alex's favorite  position. He loves making eye contact and kissing his tops while feeling  them deep in his ass!

Scene 04: Diego Summers Pounds Sergyo's Ass Raw

If there's one thing Diego Summers is good at its throwing around a  bottom. He loves taking charge and hammering away at a guy's  ready-and-willing hole, and that's what Sergyo has to offer. When  Diego gets into his groove he's rough and unforgiving, so I hope  Sergyo is ready and his ass can remain relaxed. Because Diego is big and  uncut in the pants, and he knows what he's doing with his dick.

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