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Put your lover on lockdown with the Silicone Chastity Cage from C-Ringz! Fasten the lock, hide the key, and make sure your partner keeps his cock where it belongs.

This high-end chastity cage is made from body-safe, phthalate-free Elite Silicone and is designed for comfortable long-term wear.

The hardcore chastity device is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, but once the lock is applied, your sub can't get hard no matter how aroused he is!

The cage features a sturdy stainless steel ADJUSTABLE ring that wraps around your sub's entire package, leaving his shaft locked inside the breathable silicone sleeve.

With unparalleled comfort, this ventilated silicone cage is the ultimate chastity device for serious chastity enthusiasts. Enjoy the thrill of locking your lover up, or relinquish control and hand over the keys!

The silicone cage is easy to wash, body-safe, and super hygienic. The vent holes allow you to clean your sub's package while he still wears the cage, and the ring is made from high-grade stainless steel. The silicone sleeve has a small pee-hole to assist urination, and the entire device can be worn under clothing for amazing one-of-a-kind thrills!

To install the silicone sleeve onto the metal ring, make sure the metal ring's opening is facing upwards, and slide both pairs of silicone loops onto each side of the ring. Once you've looped the silicone sleeve onto the steel ring, choose one of the 3 holes and install one of the locks. It's really that simple!