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STONED & BONED - a Treasure Island Media Movie!

Guys have been asking for a vid that celebrates the pure joy of toking up before, during and after wild butt-sex. Well, we always aim to please, so here you go...

Scene 1 - Chronic

There's no one out there who knows how to get blotto on some righteous weed better than our man DJ. It was a no-brainer that we asked him to come back for our 420 special -- and who better to take advantage of his stoned ass than ANDY ARCADE. When ANDY let's loose his monster of a cock, DJ's mouth falls open and gobbles down to the shaft. It's not long before ANDY, is giving DJ the deep-dicking of his life. By the end, DJ is flying so high he can barely move. ANDY takes full advantage of the stoner's comatose state, eating his creamy load from the depths of his used hole.

Scene 2 - Hit That Pipe

Wake up, smoke a bowl, eat food, toke up, then head out and smoke some more as you cruise the streets. That's CASH LOGAN's daily routine. A true slut by nature who can't go an hour without lighting up some green and getting lifted. He played host to one of our favorite BBC's around, TIMARRIE BAKER, and I knew I had to get them on camera together before he left town -- gotta catch these sluts while they are around! After a quick session with TIMARRIE's one-hitter (probably CASH's 5th toke of the day), CASH can't help but jump on that monster cock. The only thing he loves more than his precious stash o' weed is monster cocks and getting as much cum inside him as he can. CASH gets more than he bargained for -- too stoned to do anything but sit there and take it as TIMARRIE drives his fat, uncut dick home.

Scene 3 - Hotbox On The Island

The magical thing about stoners is the amount of adventuring they do. Always looking for that next-best place to light up is a constant mission that only those who've embarked on it can understand. I found out about this location from a guy who packs so many pounds of weed in his trailer, he could keep all of San Francisco stoned for an entire week. So I saddled up with the world's most socially-active stoner, BRIAN BONDS and my good friend SETH FISHER for a trek out onto Treasure Island.....and we hotboxed that car the entire way there. I got these two fuckers so stoned, that while they were fucking out behind the car, they couldn't help but be paranoid that someone was watching them (which only excited me even more). They insisted we fuck in the car, at least for a little bit, which got them even more stoned (since they didn't realize it was still completely full with smoke from our ride over. Eventually, I convinced them to just say "Fuck it" and open up the back hatch and pound each others' asses 'til they came. This trashy little spot behind a dilapidated, condemned building was the perfect setting for these two all-out whores.

Scene 4 - Dabs

Dabs --not for the faint of heart. Just one of these can send you flying so high, you won't even be able to talk. ZACK GRAYSON is an expert on dabbing. His excitement when I told him I'd have the rig all set up for him for this scene was palpable, even over our phone call. His real-life, hunky boyfriend, DAMIEN KILAUEA had never done a dab before. But being cock-caged (literally) to ZACK, he couldn't say no when we put that bong up to his face. Some say that a dab can make your dick limp, but for a pro like ZACK, it just gets him raring to go. DAMIEN, however, is so high, all he can think about is getting that cock inside both his holes. ZACK grabs that meaty ass and quickly goes to town on it -- pinning down his sub while he takes what he wants from it. And by the time he's done using his sub like the good, caged boy he is, he takes another rip from the bong and feeds it directly into his boy's mouth. By the time I walked out of the door, Damien was blasted and I could see the cum coating the hair all the down his legs.

Scene 5 - Stoner Gangbang

After a break from the last scene, and a huge group smokeout session that had management all up in our faces, the action continues. All-American manwhore, BRIAN BONDS gets things going in this 12 man gangbang, featuring DAMIEN KILAUEA's well fucked and cum-filled birthday hole. He ferociously rims DAMIEN's hole, then slides his dick deep. Now, BRIAN would rather be the one getting porked and taking loads. When a born bottom-man fucks another bottom, his dick is saying “I wish I were you, hole!” And BRIAN does his studly best, especially once ZACK GRAYSON's load (from the previous scene) starts to leak out. Nothing like a man who’s already been juiced and primed, eh? Like a well-oiled and well-buzzed machine, the group starts to take turns -- TROY SPARKS, JD DANIELS. And then BRIAN BONDS and MAX FERRO team up to double-dick DAMIEN. By now you’ll probably have noticed that DAMIEN has some Maori blood -- check out his bulldog head and warrior physique! -- and the dude takes dick like a pro.

At this point, all hell breaks loose -- the sexual heat, and the pot smoke and poppers in the air, get everyone riled up. They all start fucking everything and everyone in the room. Daddy top MAXXX STARK is a little camera-shy for just a moment, but once he gets his fat dick inside DAMIEN he lets go but good, giving the muscled bottom-dog a lesson in butt-bliss. I don’t know what vitamins MAXXX is taking, but he fucks like a teenager in rut. The action continues non-stop with everyone loving DAMIEN’s big fuckin’ sexy ass. By the end of the session, DAMIEN is a walking, talking sperm-bank, dripping wads of warm musky sponge from his wide-open sloppy fuckhole. I think it's time for a bowl, boys.

Scene 6 - Mokes

Know what a "Moke" is? Probably not, unless you're a tried-and-true smoker. They're all the rage with the Aussies, and having done them myself, I can tell you it's the fast track to one of the greatest highs you can get with weed. Take some tobacco, mix it with weed in a bong, and rip it all at once. You'll get a headrush bigger than poppers and when you come down, you'll be one stoned-ass motherfucker. My good friend from down under CHASE ACLAND smokes ass and grass for a living. I brought in the only stoner I knew could handle this guy's cock and match his tolerance for ganja CASH LOGAN. Since we got CASH higher than he'd ever been with weed alone, I told him to sit back in that comfy sling and let CHASE have his way with his ass for as long he liked....not that CASH had any issues with that. As any cum-slut would hope, CHASE delivered that pot-filled load directly to CASH's ass after he couldn't keep it in any longer. And after they were done? You can bet the two were right back on that bong smoking more mokes. "I'm worried about......nah they're probably fine," I told myself, watching them stumble out of the shoot room covered in sweat and spooge.

Bonus 1 - Adam & Jacob

Originally From TIMSUCK
When ADAM mentioned in an interview that he's been fooling around with his younger cousin JACOB for years, we naturally asked if we could film them sometime. He said "sure" and just grinned when we asked if he needed to check with JACOB first. Sure enough, young JACOB proves more than willing to show off for our cameras as he balances his oral skill between kissing his cousin and alternately swallowing his cock and balls. From start to cum-spurtin' finish, it's clear there's a lot of affection between these two.

Bonus 2 - Stoner Love on the Farm

Originally From BREEDING SEASON 3
I almost always refuse to shoot guys who are couples. Too much emotional baggage, hidden land-mines. But these two stoners are different. I’ve got a real soft spot for chronic bud-worshipers (and these guys are wake-n-bakers of the first water). And I’ll always jump at the chance just to look at DJ. This is one of the finest specimens of manhood I know of today. I’d be happy just watching him breathe, much less get fucked. They’re stoned out of their minds, yes. And they show you exactly how they pleasure each other on those long hot afternoons out on their little farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’ve never been one to say that porn should be heart-warming. But here’s the exception.

Bonus 3 - Daddy Cream & Max Fuller

Originally From TIMSUCK
To be Blunt -- DADDY CREAM loves rolling...Blunts. I decided to get in on filming him in action. There's something almost religious about the process of rolling that sweet, sweet Mary Jane into a freshly opened blunt wrapper. It's calming, focuses your entire mind, and when you're done, that high flying sensation is all that awaits you. After enjoying the weeds of his labor, MAX FULLER thanks DADDY CREAM for the toke the only way he knows how -- servicing that nice dick. I've never seen someone enjoy his dick more than Daddy Cream, and being stoned just makes him emote that much more. It doesn't take long before MAX gets his second gift of the day, a massive dose of protein that he swallows almost instantly. Having thought ahead, DADDY CREAM quickly celebrates by lighting up the second blunt he rolled and sits back with MAX to relax on the comfy couch as they toke themselves into the clouds.

Bonus 4 - Smokin' Outtakes

Before and after each of these smokin' hot scenes, we kept the cameras rolling, and a lot of that footage just didn't make it into the movie. But, I just have to share some of these candid clips with you. So, I've assembled the coolest stoner-moments into a 25-minute montage, featuring our totally baked cast letting down their guard to have a few laughs -- and nearly endless puffs of the chron.

Thx for this super hot stoner fuck film...about time. My husband and I always partake while fucking each other. Cash Logan, the hunkiest cum hound in this movie gets the big cocks in a couple of scenes, one on our couch and the other with Chase Ackland in a sling. The stud though that's keeps me watching his scenes is Zack.
Totally relate to this stoner flixxx. Cash Logan on his back in the middle of the couch close to the cum shot in scene 2 is so fucking XXXX hot! And then he gets another massive cock from Chase while in the sling later on. Chase's tats are sexy and great camera work on that cock of his going in and out of that furry muscle butt of Cash.
Thx for this fucking stoner fuck and suck flick!! Toker Cash Logan in scene 2 on his back taking that huge cock in and out of his furry butt is just so fucking hot to watch every time! Other fave is Zack and his lover Damien, and that added trust factor breaks down any barriers, plus the pot, to have really hot sex! XXXX
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