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There's nothing TIM Exclusive Brad McGuire likes more than a nice submissive hole to use for his infamously massive uncut meat. Morgan Black is normally a top himself so it takes a while for his tight hole to open up to Brad's hard drill fucking, but soon enough the incomparable topman has turned Morgan into another one of his cumdumps, ass-up begging for that alpha male seed. A Max Sohl scene.


Infamous Euro stud Peto Coast and his uncut mammoth cock need no introduction. He gives insatiable fuck slut John Dahl a taste of what he's in for, as an upside down blow job turns into a throat-stretching skullfuck. When he's had enough of that hole, Peto takes ownership of John's ass, mercilessly jackhammering the overwhelmed and overjoyed bottom six ways to Sunday before filling him to overflowing with white hot jizz.


Lucky Joe and Yan were in the middle of a weekend-long fuck marathon when Liam Cole dropped by. What starts as a friendly visit turns into an impromptu filming session when the guys catch sight of Liam's camera. After Yan's talented tongue gets his impressive rod good and hard once more, Lucky Joe wastes no time impaling his cock slut cohort. Grunting and moaning in pure pleasure, and just a little pain from the sheer girth of Lucky Joe's meat, Yan joyfully takes each deep thrust and every drop of spooge Joe gives him. A Liam Cole scene.


No one could have anticipated the orgy of fucking, sucking, and spooge that would erupt when Armin Philipps invited bull-hung Fostter Rivieria to an afternoon of deep fucking his real life boyfriend, Jon Phoenix. The sexual chemistry among all three guys is intense and immediate. Even when Fostter tries to slow things down, the energy heats up as they push each other to their limits and beyond.


Jacob Lee is a fuck trouper when it comes to being bred by big-dicked Enigma (last seen in SUCK IT and BRUTHALOAD 6). Tossing him around the room, Enigma impales Jacob on his cock in every way imaginable and then some. He even introduces us to a new fuck command: "Get them grippers on it." After filling Jacob's ass to overflowing with hot jizz, Enigma generously allows the still-hungry cum hound to suck his cock. Recharged by Jacob's talented tongue, Enigma can't resist plugging the man's used, slimy fuck hole one more time. A Max Sohl scene.


Marcus Isaacs has been known to take a proper dicking, fucked and bred by the best of 'em. But when Red's 10" cock slides right up Marcus' furry hole, it's difficult for even this seasoned bottom to look composed. Pinned down and pounded until Red is thoroughly satisfied, it's clear Marcus walks away satiated as well. A Max Sohl scene.


When ERIK GRANT came to Treasure Island Media all we wanted to know was what fucking took him so long to get here? He is the kind of top who takes what he wants and most of the time what he wants is to use your hole. The aggressive alpha male with the perfect cock fucks newcomer LUCAS CIPRIANI showing no mercy until his cum load is buried deep in the young bottom's butt. He then continues sliding his shaft in and out to make Lukas squirt. Pure raw animalistic. NOT TO BE MISSED. A Max Sohl scene.


Brad Rioux is not your daddy's twink porn star anymore. All grown up, Brad gets impaled by Hot Rod's 10-inch black love stick in this sizzling exclusive TIMFUCK scene. Bent over on a public bar lounge bench, Brad begs for that huge monster cock to fill up every part of his hole. Hot Rod is happy to squirt his delicious cum into the man's ass. A Max Sohl scene.

Thx TIM for starting off this flixxx with Morgan Black getting fucked good and hard by Brad McGuire! Versatility is what turns me on the most in men. Then Peto Coast, always delivers wild XXX sex and John Dahl is in hog-heaven. Last fave was Marcus Issac & Red, hot to trot Marcus, who never disappoints.
XXX seeing Morgan Black serving Brad it so much when top men get dominated and fucked too!! Peto Coast fucks harder than almost anyone with his huge thick veiny cock and John D. is the lucky cum pig here. And gotta mention Erik Grant and Lukas C., well that proves to be as intense as one would expect. Great FUCK volume 10 TIM. Lots of hot sexxxx
I bought this DVD just to see Morgan Black get fucked by thick dick Brad McGuire. I'm versatile and love seeing top guys who also like to get plowed. And that's what Brad does, and Morgan loves it enough to shoot a nice load afterwards.
Erik and Lukas....totally HOT together!
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