TIMFuck Volume 3

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Peto Coast and Adam Pearce: The need for cock and cum was practically radiating off Adam Pearce when he wandered into the office of our London director Liam Cole, who immediately put in a call to notorious Euro stud Peto Coast. After some face sucking, the aggressive topman force-feeds Adam his meaty, uncut dick before impaling his ass, ramming home repeatedly as he fucks the kid every which way. When Peto finally shoots his load, filling Adam to overflowing, not a drop goes to waste as Adam reaches back to scoop up the cum dripping from his pucker, licking his fingers clean.

Zack Titan and Jon: After enjoying some oral worship from Jon's talented tongue, assertive topman Zack pushes the cock junkie onto the bed and strips him down to his black jockstrap for the main event. Inch by inch, Zack slides his meaty length up Jon's fuckhole, and you know just how deeply Jon is feeling it by the way he clutches at Zack's thigh. As the pace picks up, Zack drags Jon to the edge of the bed to get more leverage so he can thoroughly and mercilessly pummel Jon's hungry ass. Zack gets him in some different positions before he finds the one that makes him dump his load deep inside Jon's guts.

Jake and Jeremy: Jake Mitchell gives Jeremy East everything he has, stretching the rugged bottom's tight, hairy hole with his fingers and pushing in to the last knuckle before plunging his tongue in for a bunghole feast. When he's eaten all he can, the topman plugs Jeremy's needy hole with his formidable meatsword, sliding in inch by inch until the bottom is taking it all. After a deep, thorough fuck, Jeremy begs for a taste of the jizz that Jake just creamed him with, whorishly sucking it from the fingers the topman stuffs in his greedy mouth. And that's just the start...

Jerry and Buzz: Buzz Isaac told us he wanted a big challenge and we immediately thought of Jerry Stearns--who proved himself more than up for it. While Buzz gorges himself on Jerry's uncut ebony meat, Jerry warms up the bear bottom with some rimming. But nothing can truly prepare Buzz for Jerry's thick 10.5 inches: as Jerry slowly works every inch of his stallion cock up Buzz's tight hole, the bottom grunts and moans, pain and pleasure mixing as he tries to take it all. Even though it doesn't get any easier for Buzz, soon enough he's moaning in pure ecstasy from the thorough pounding and gooey load the skilled topman delivers deep inside him.

Jack Allen and Ethan Wolfe: Jack Allen and Ethan Wolfe have immediate chemistry and the eroticism only heats up as they kiss sensually. Ethan is drawn to Jack's turgid, veiny cock, and Jack is happy to oblige, gently skull fucking Ethan's eager mouth. Then it's the topman's turn to get what he wants--Ethan's irresistible ass. Spreading Ethan's cheeks, he dives in tongue-first to prepare the hole for Ethan's first on screen bareback fuck. Ethan's a real pro, but even so, you'll see him wince as he gets opened up by Jack's thick meat. After a steady pounding, Jack flips the fuckslut onto his back and continues nailing him until gobs of Jack's cum escape out of Ethan's ass. This is the first load Ethan Wolfe has ever taken on film! You can tell it's a special moment for both men and we're incredibly proud to show it to you.

Chris Gabriel and Tyler Marks: There's a new kid on the block named Chris Gabriel, and Treasure Island Media is happy to present you with his first video porn appearance anywhere! We paired him up with pornstar Tyler Marks, who is emerging from the mainstream arena, for this incredibly hot scene of man-to-man fucking, kissing, sucking, and breeding. There's lots of ass-to-mouth action as Tyler takes several breaks from continuously pounding the hole of the "8-pack" bodybuilder cumdump to have him devour his own ass juices. In the end, Chris shamelessly begs Tyler to deposit his load up his thoroughly worked out ass. Our prediction: Chris Gabriel is going to be THE man to watch in 2011 and 2012.

Ty Roberts and Luke Bennett: This scene is full of fast pounding sensuality. Ty finds Luke bent over a couch and plunges his famously fat cock into Luke's willing hole. Luke takes a hard white-knuckle pounding until Ty flips him over and ravages his ass. As Ty's sweat drips onto Luke's lean body, Ty lets go with an internal cumshot and a savage roar. Ever the obedient bottom, Luke cleans off Ty's spent cock and jacks out his own load, which Ty finger feeds him as the two wind down from their blissful exertion.

Brad McGuire and Lucas: After hooking up during the now-infamous gangbang scene in "Up the Gut," Lucas and Brad McGuire had to have more of each other--and we jumped on the chance to set it up. Brad generously offers the ravenous bottom a taste of his nipples before feeding Lucas his fat, veiny, 9.5" slab of manmeat. As Lucas gorges himself, Brad gives him a righteous fingerfucking that has him begging for more. When Brad finally delivers what he's dying for and slides his throbbin' boner up that ready fuckchute, Lucas literally can't wait for the pounding to start: he pushes back shamelessly, repeatedly forcing Brad's cock deeper inside. The master topman soon asserts himself and, after a serious and thorough fucking, he fills Lucas' hole with all the spooge the satisfied cumwhore could want.

Jesse O'Toole and Mark Dixon: When Jesse O'Toole and Mark Dixon heard how much you guys loved their fuck session in What I Can't See 3, they offered to let us film the encoreýand we jumped at the chance. The sexual chemistry between the justifiably legendary topman and the slut bottom daddy is even more powerful this time around, as Jesse and his famous 10" cock fill Mark's hole and probe his guts in position after position. As playful as it is intense, this half-hour fuckathon is guaranteed to leave you as satisfied as both men.

Blake, BJ, and Justin: Blake Daniels is ready, willing, and fuckin' starving for cock-- and BJ Slater and Justin Cox are more than happy to oblige him. Blake puts his sweet mouth to use right from the start, switching between the topmen as he sucks and licks their meat; and they return the favor, shoving their tongues up his ass before giving that twitchin' hole what it really wants: one thick, hard, cock after another to impale him and make him moan helplessly. As BJ and Justin take turns pummeling Blake in every position under the sun, from slow and thorough to fast and furious, the talented topmen connect with each other as deeply as they have with the man taking their loads: as he punishes Blake's hole, BJ leans over his shoulder to wrap his lips around Justin's joystick.

Cumming back to Fuck Volume 3, I think this perhaps is the hottest of the series for me. Jack Allen fucking Ethan Wolfe, Jesse O'Toole, Jake Mitchell's best fuck ever, Brad McGuire, BJ Slater and that muscle kid that cums several times after getting plowed. XXX action, every scene. Classic TIM.
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