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Scene 1 - Cory, Felch Dog, and Jayden

This three-way fuck session is TIM Exclusive CORY KOONS' red-hot first scene with Treasure Island Media.

For his debut, we set him up with horny fuckers JAYDEN BROOKS and FELCH DOG. CORY and FELCH DOG start off chowing down on JAYDEN's meat before CORY takes it for himself, spearing himself on the topman's fat tool. Then JAYDEN gets CORY on hands and knees to continue taking a pounding, while Felch Dog eagerly watches and waits for his chance to get a taste of CORY's hole. After JAYDEN spurts a slick load of cum up CORY's ass, FELCH DOG takes a shot at it, tonguing that sweet goo-filled hole before sliding his own dick in to hammer it some more. After FELCH DOG deposits his load, these hungry cumsluts flip-flop and the scene goes on...

Scene 2 - Fred, Jean, and TJ

FRED and TJ start off on their knees, licking and slurping away on daddy JEAN's fat hummer. Soon enough, TJ's dick demands a little attention from fellow cocksucker FRED, who happily opens up his mouth for TJ. while getting his ass pounded by JEAN.

The two men switch off multiple times, taking turns at FRED's eager, gaping holes. After JEAN shoots a gooey load up FRED's ass, TJ licks his lips as he falls to his knees, suckling on JEAN's dick before diving tongue-first into FRED's used, sloppy hole. TJ takes the cum dripping from the greedy bottom's hole as proof that he's ripe to be fucked once more, and slides his schlong home while FRED eagerly lick.

Scene 3 - Jessy Karson, Kurt Wood, and Jayden

KURT WOOD and JAYDEN BROOKS could hardly wait to fall to their knees for TIM Exclusive JESSY KARSON.

By the time the cameras started rolling, KURT is already swallowing JESSY's meat while JAYDEN buries his tongue deep in JESSY's asshole. After getting fucked by JESSY while blowing KURT, JAYDEN decides to take a ride. Proving himself an aggressive bottom, JAYDEN takes charge as he mounts himself on KURT's joystick and then bends the topman as he pushes himself forward into KURT's eager mouth -- without giving up the cock in his ass.

The fuckfest goes on, by turns furious and luxurious, until KURT finally pulls out to shoot thick gobs of cum directly onto JAYDEN's hole before plunging back inside. JESSY follows suit, leaving all three guys thoroughly and utterly satisfied.

Scene 4 - Kurt Wood and Judd

KURT WOOD starts this scorchin' flip-flop scene blissfully choking himself on JUDD's thick dong.

JUDD returns the favor and gets KURT's dick standing to attention in no time. "The best lube is man-spit, precum, and cum," KURT declares as he spreads his own cheeks, exposing his hungry hole. "And I want lots of all three from you!" The versatile slut-stud gets what he wants, leaking all over himself as JUDD pushes into his tight, juicy hole. After JUDD shoots his load, KURT takes his turn on top, cramming JUDD's incredible ass.

From the growling chuckles mixed in with the guttural moans, you know these guys are truly enjoying themselves.

Scene 5 - Luke and Nathan

The guys in this interracial fuck scene are so hot 'n' horny for each other, the action gets started before the cameras can roll. "It hurts so bad. I love it," LUKE declares as NATHAN pounds his ass mercilessly.

Then the versatile dudes flip-flop, with NATHAN impaling himself on LUKE's fat cock and going for a ride. LUKE then pushes him onto his back for a little foot worship and toe sucking -- all the while continuing to plunge in and out of NATHAN's hole, making NATHAN's eyes roll back in ecstasy. NATHAN returns the favor, facefucking LUKE before turning him over to plunder LUKE's ass with his meat sword, eventually filling his sweet hole to overflowing with spooge.

Scene 6 - Steve, John, Kurt Wood, Felch Dog and Jay Ross

Cockhound JAY ROSS' ever-fuckable hole is the focal point for the guys in this scene, but KURT WOOD's long, veiny dick is the real star!

It starts with a bang as STEVEN shoots a hot load all over JAY's ass. Then, JOHN steps up and aims for JAY's hole, smearing his spunk around to get JAY ready for the fucking he's about to receive. Thanks to STEVEN and JOHN's lube-job, KURT slides in all the way to the hilt and begins pounding away with forceful enthusiasm, panting and gasping as he fills JAY up with his cum.

True to his name, FELCH DOG is there to lick KURT clean and eat all the sperm he can swallow out of JAY's asshole.

Scene 7 - Tony and Mike

In this sizzling flip-flop scene, TONY SERRANO and MICHAEL HANGST take turns in a sling. MICHAEL offers up his hole first and TONY dives in for a taste, indulging in some rimming before he slides his schlong up MICHAEL's more-than-ready fuckchute. There's lots of thrusting and moaning and kissing as the guys really get into it, thoroughly wrapped up in the joy of the fuck as they switch off. Just before they flip again, the camera catches one perfect drop of cum in free-fall as it oozes from TONY's ass... and then these hungry fuckers are at it again.

Scene 8 - Marco, Kyle, Justin, and Marquis

Tattooed porn whore MARCO CRUISE makes his TIM debut in this hot four-way fuck session. "Gonna fuck your mouth," the super-verbal MARCO vows as he's ramming his fat cock down bitch-boy bottom KYLE's throat, "then fuck your hole." As he's making good on that promise, JUSTIN joins in and MARCO gets a chance to display his versatility as he becomes the meat in a fuck sandwich.

When his hole demands it, MARCO pulls out of KYLE to rock back on JUSTIN's rod, forcing him deeper, and then turning around to lick the spooge from JUSTIN's dick. The scene was set to end there, but MARCO wanted more and fortunately, MARQUIS was there to fill his hungry hole again!

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