TENTACLE - 20-inch Ass Snake

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It looks and feels like a wiggly tentacle, something from the unfathomable depths.  But it's made to squiggle its way through your surprisingly fathomable depths...deeper and deeper....

Nubby bumps along one side almost act like the grippers of an octopus, giving you intense stimulation as you target the prostate You can also rotate the toy and let the smooth side slip gently into your guts.

It's important to proceed slowly with depth toys (both when inserting and withdrawing.) Your insides are delicate; and the deeper you go, the more delicate and tissue-like the intestines become. The length and softness of this toy allows it to wind around inside you; and too quick a motion can effectively grab and tug areas that are not meant to be man-handled, potentially causing damage.

Weapons of Ass Destruction Toys Designed by TIM Legendary Bottom CHRISTIAN

All Weapons of Ass Destruction are made of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone.

Color profiles vary from monitor to monitor and from toy to toy; a degree of color variance is to be expected.

Dimensions are provided for your convenience, but as these items are hand-made, silicone is flexible, and measuring techniques vary, measurements are not to be considered exact.

Disclosures and more information about the toy maker here.

*Type of Toy:
  • Colon Snake
  • Dildos
Weapons of Ass Destruction
  • Silicone
Length-Insertable Inches:
Overall Length:

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